Our Cape Town GP practice at M06 has been established for the last 40 years. Numerous files of patients dates back to the 80`s. The practice in the City Bowl was started by Dr. Pieter Cilliers and then bought over by Dr. Louis Botha in 1994 when Dr. Cilliers went to specialize in psychiatry. Dr. CP van der Merwe had been practicing in association with both Dr. Cilliers and Dr. Botha for many years and when he retired most of his patients remained with the practice.

The practice went into a strategic alliance with Medicross in 2009 and became the Cape Town Medicross clinic. Medicross renders some crucial administrative functions to the practice, the Cape Town doctors remain the owners of the practice and therefore determine the operational strategy. Since then the practice has seen steady growth. Currently we have 25 000 files and on average see 15 new patients on a daily basis. We have 4 fulltime GP doctors, 2 qualified sisters, 3 reception staff, 1 accounts staff, 1 practice manager and 2 support staff.

We make use of locum doctors in certain instances. We operate a paper-light office and aim to achieve more functions electronically, thereby improving efficient communication with patients and specialists. Since we have embarked on the paperless system, we have scanned in in excess of 75 000 documents. All the patient file information is stored and backed up off site for security purposes.

Our practice is Health-ID enabled – allowing us direct access to Discovery Medical aid patient information with their consent.

Our systems allow us to do

Dr. Ramjee and Dr. Buckle have a special interest in treating HIV cases while Dr. Botha and Dr. Enslin have special training in diabetes management and are also more interested in minor surgical procedures. Dr. Botha is just completing a 2-year post-graduate diploma in the management of diabetes through Cardiff University to specialise as a Diabetes doctor in Cape Town.

We strive to be a central information point for where all our patients' records and specialist reports can be consolidated.

Typical services rendered by our practice include:

  • Executive medical examinations and reports.
  • Insurance medicals.
  • Injury on duty cases.
  • All general illness diagnosis and management
  • In-house tests like stress ECG, computerized lung-functions, 24 hr. blood pressure monitoring, body-stat tests, sigmoidoscopy,
  • Various office procedures are done at the office like Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen (every Wednesday), electro-cautery, excision of skin lesions and minor skin tumors, drainage of abcesses, suturing of wounds, removal of foreign bodies and removal of ingrowing nails.
  • Intra-articular and ligament steroid injections.
  • Women’s health including PAP testing, contraception, HRT.
  • Men’s health including prostate checkups and Testosterone treatment when indicated.
  • Treatment and monitoring of chronic illnesses like asthma, hypertension, diabetes, HIV, arthritis, cholesterol, ischemic heart disease, thyroid disorders, cardiac rhythm disorders and mood disorders like depression and bipolar.
  • Completion and submitting of application forms for chronic conditions to medical aids.
  • Accredited CDE clinic for the effective management of diabetes.
  • Nebulization for asthma and bronchiolitis.
  • Certain vaccinations.
  • Management of certain fractures and sprains not requiring reductions or internal fixations.
  • Rinsing of impacted wax in ears.

"All our doctors are experienced and proficient in providing all the above services. We also continuously attend professional training sessions in line with HPCSA legislation."

We are fortunate to be located in the Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital, where various services are readily available like:

  • Pathology
  • X-rays
  • MRI –scanner
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychology
  • Dentistry
  • 24 hour emergency unit
  • Virtually all specialists if referral is needed

Our office hours are:

08h00 – 17h00


Reception staff available for bookings

After hours & public holidays
Emergency unit available